Ski guiding

Skitour for a week or a day, we guide in the mountains around Skjomen, Narvik and Lyngen and know them by heart.

Here we know the snow conditions and can find the best snow. We use certified mountainguides (IVBV/UIAGM/IFMGA), that have a lot of experience in evaluating snow conditions for a safe tour, and handling groups of people in exposed terrain. In Norway Nortind are responsible for educating Tindevegledere.

The best experience for discovering the area is to book a week, from five days or more. But we also take daytours. We have contacts with many different types of accommodations, so that we can create the perfect custommade stay for you and your group.

During a week we will visit different mountains accordingly to your groups’ skills and fitness level, and find the best conditions for skiing. It will also be possible to rent a boat for a day, so that we can visit one of the more unattainable mountains.

Maximum 6 guests per guide.

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Skitouring expedition w dogsled support

Exclusive skitouring expedition with wilderness camp and dogsledding! For three days we travel far from the beaten track and use dogsleds to pull the gear and food into the mountains and to our basecamp.

During daytime we ski new mountains while the camp is being moved to a new spot. This way we reach mountains further away normally not attainable during a daytour, and we get to do round tours and see new places every day. We sleep in a lavvo, by the fire or in cabins and eat homemade food.

Participants need to bring their own ski equipment. Avalanche gear and sleeping bags can be rented. Lunch is carried by each member during the day, and warm shoes and extra warm clothing is transported by the dog team.

Price: 18 000 NOK/pers, 2 guests // 12 000 NOK/pers 3-4 guests.