Skiing Winter / Spring

Our base Skjomen offers fantastic skitours where we guide with a view of the sea and fjords, and the access to Narvikfjellet  gives many opportunities those days it really snows.  We have been established in the Lyngen area for four years, and knowing the region very well we still offers guiding in those magnificent alps.

The arctic winter starts in early December, when the sun is gone and replaced with a sunset that endures for five hours. Being in the mountains during this time of year is something very special… and when the dark is back, so is the northern lights.

With the good headlights of today, we ski in the dark as it was full day, this also give us the opportunity to experience the fantastic light in the dark season in the mountains.

In the end of January the sun returns and the days get longer until the midnight sun arrives. The good snow and powder days usually stays well into June and in Skjomen we can take the car up to where the snow starts, reducing the walk on foot.