Summer Husky Tours

Hiking with huskies

Join us in the summer for a hike in beautiful Skjomen! We love being in the mountains, and so does our huskies. In Skjomen we have multiple hikes to choose from, and our huskies can either walk by your side or pull you while walking (joring). They also carry a rucksack where we put some food and drinks.

Hiking to Reinneset in Skjomen

Skjomen is a great startingpoint for hikes, and we choose a hike that suits you. Reinneset, Gullikstind and Rundtuva are some examples of what Skjomen valley can offer, but there are something for every level!

We can also arrange overnight hiking hut-to-hut tours, with huskies and backpacks.

Prices from 900 NOK/pers

Huskywagon tour

From august we start running our dogs with carts and you can join on a fun ride with a team of sleddog! In Skjomen we drive the teams on gravelroads in the mountains giving you a fantastic view of the surrounding mountains and glaciers.

You can drive the wagon yourself, or ride as a passenger, and the cart is pulled by a team of huskies. The cart is sturdy and easy to ride and handles terrain very well. After a while we take a break and settle in for a bonfire and hot drinks. We then ride the wagon back and enjoy the scenery. Huskywagon can be arranged in the evening combining it as a northern light tour. Suits all levels.

Huskywagon tour 3-4 hrs
min/max 2/4 guests
1600 NOK/person