A Lofoten classic, just above the Svolvær village!

The jump from one horn to the other one on the goat has become a must for many. The easiest way up involves 2-3 pitches of climbing, but there are many options depening on your climbing skills and experience.


1 guest: 4000 NOK

2 guests: 3000 NOK/pers

(btw, it is possible to get over the horns without jumping…)

Three summits in 5 days!

For a longer stay in the north, we now offer three days of guided climbing spread over five days.

We book five days for you and pick three summits to climb, which makes us flexible regarding to weather and to add a rest day if needed. You only pay for three days, and the price depends on which summits you choose. Stetind, Kuglhorn, Lofoten and Senja are all possible targets.