There is a lot of other spectacular mountains to climb in the area around Stetind and we can guide on all of them. Kuglhornet is a very special mountain located close to Stetind. It’s visible from afar and offers spectacular scrambling along the airy and thin ridge, towards an iconic summit. The fjord and sea is visible on every side and the climbing is easier than it looks, but ropetechniques are required.

The normalroute is French grade 4 and maybe a bit more challenging than the normalroute at Stetind, but with the shorter approach the whole route turns out slightly easier.

We take two guests/guide on this trip.

1 guest: 5500 NOK
2 guests: 4000 NOK/pers

We can offer accomodation with us in Skjomen, 45 minutes from the parking lot.

Three summits in 5 days!

For a longer stay in the north we now offer guided climbing on three mountains over five days!

We book five days for you and choose three mountains to climb, this means we can be flexible regarding to weather and sequence and can add a rest day if necessary. The price depends on which mountains are chosen, but Stetind, Kuglhorn, Lofoten and Senja are all possible locations.