Fresh snow June 8th!

It’s June 8th, and I guess I would rather be climbing on dry rock in the sun, than skiing at this time. But when the conditions is like this, we just have to go skiing anyway!

And this was a perfect day of skiing in our backyard. Didn’t even use my car today, but started with a couple of kilometers with bicycle on a trail straight out from our front door.


The weather changed a lot during the day, with everything from snow, to sun and bluebird.

Skjermbilde 2018-06-09 kl. 18.20.50


The skiing was great with a lot of fresh snow from 5-600 mas. The couloir was about 600 vertical meters, and the snow was great all the way down.

The couloir in the middle


Great day in the mountains, and another reminder that we have chosen the right place to live!

Otertind to the left, and Signaldalen straight ahed.


Spring 2018

The winter has been good, with cold snow, hard snow, soft snow and now the latest week wet snow. We have had many great guests so far this winter, and there are still some time left of the spring skiing season.


I have been working on different boats the last two weeks with ski and sail in Lyngen, Senja and Lofoten. That is a really good way to experience our beautiful coastline up in the north, and at the same time get some great skiing from summit to sea.

Karin is doing a fantastic job with our dogs, and the puppies are getting really big. For the next season they are all big enough for many great adventures, with and without guests. We also want to combine skitouring with dog-sledding next year, so we can get fast into the mountains and do longer trips, to mountains that is not so often visited.


Now we are starting to look forward to summer, climbing, and maybe a little vacation to the alps.

Winter 2018

First year in Signaldalen has been adventurous, and the winter season 2018 is on! We have had guests from Australia, Switzerland, Italy, Sweden +++ and done alpine climbing, ice-climbing, skiing and dog-sledding. At the moment we would be grateful for a little bit more snow for the skiing season, but the ice-climbing conditions are really good at the moment.  The light up here has been amazing so far this year, with a lot of northern lights, and now the sun is back and the days are getting longer really fast!

We have also been on several multi-day dog-sledding tours, and spent the nights in both tent and cabins in the mountains. The possibilities of combining dog-sledding and skiing or climbing are actually pretty good in this area, and i think this might be a good product for the future. Then we can get to areas and mountains who most skiers or climbers wouldn’t even think of going to because of the long approach. But with a dog sled packed with skies, equipment and good food, and some happy dogs in front pulling the sled, the area for adventures really expands. And the approach is going to be really fun too!

Now we are looking forward to the next couple of months with a lot of activities and outdoor fun!

Here are some pictures from the winter season so far:

The snow has been good, but it’s time for a refill now
Great surroundings
making our signature


Ice-climbing conditions are great in Signaldalen at the moment
Dog-sledding in good but cold weather!
The light is amazing at this time of year.

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Yesterday we finally went to visit Piggtind.

Piggtind is a beautiful and iconic mountain located in the south of Lyngen, and separates the boarders of Storfjord, Balsfjord and Tromsø kommune. It is 1505 meters above sea level and we startet the trip on about 120 meters above sea level at the east side, and parked by Fjellås.

Peter Wessel Zapffe, a well known Norwegian mountaineer has written about the mountain in his book “Barske Glæder” under the chapter “fire korstog til Piggtind”.

It is a fantastic trip in beautiful surroundings, with an iconic peak, were you need to use rope and climbing techniques to summit.

The morning fog disapears and Piggtind is visible straight ahead 
The top
Scrambling before the final climbing to the top.
Great view from the top!

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Arctic Haute Route with Norgesguidene

Last three days I have been guiding for Norgesguidene the old Hurtigruta “Nordstjernen” and the “Arctic Haute Route”

It has a nice trip from Bodø to Tromsø, with good snow, and great people!

Here are some pictures from the last days:

From Blåtinden in Lofoten – Svolvær


Amazing view from Blåtinden
One of the mountains on the island “Rolla”
The last day on Gråtinden on Kvaløya.



Perfect weekend in #Lyngen

Great people, a nice place to sleep and eat at, soft snow, sunshine and beautiful mountains… Normally you only need a couple of this ingredients for a good day in #Lyngen, but this weekend we had it all!

Lyngen 2017-49
Early start, and soon up in the sun. Everything is well documented 🙂 Foto: Hans Henrik Bruusgaard
Soft snow, and nice weather!


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Lyngen 2017-132
The guide and his dog almost always get first tracks… Foto: Hans Henrik Bruusgaard


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Thank you for a great weekend!