Fresh snow June 8th!

It’s June 8th, and I guess I would rather be climbing on dry rock in the sun, than skiing at this time. But when the conditions is like this, we just have to go skiing anyway!

And this was a perfect day of skiing in our backyard. Didn’t even use my car today, but started with a couple of kilometers with bicycle on a trail straight out from our front door.


The weather changed a lot during the day, with everything from snow, to sun and bluebird.

Skjermbilde 2018-06-09 kl. 18.20.50


The skiing was great with a lot of fresh snow from 5-600 mas. The couloir was about 600 vertical meters, and the snow was great all the way down.

The couloir in the middle


Great day in the mountains, and another reminder that we have chosen the right place to live!

Otertind to the left, and Signaldalen straight ahed.


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