Winter 2018

First year in Signaldalen has been adventurous, and the winter season 2018 is on! We have had guests from Australia, Switzerland, Italy, Sweden +++ and done alpine climbing, ice-climbing, skiing and dog-sledding. At the moment we would be grateful for a little bit more snow for the skiing season, but the ice-climbing conditions are really good at the moment.  The light up here has been amazing so far this year, with a lot of northern lights, and now the sun is back and the days are getting longer really fast!

We have also been on several multi-day dog-sledding tours, and spent the nights in both tent and cabins in the mountains. The possibilities of combining dog-sledding and skiing or climbing are actually pretty good in this area, and i think this might be a good product for the future. Then we can get to areas and mountains who most skiers or climbers wouldn’t even think of going to because of the long approach. But with a dog sled packed with skies, equipment and good food, and some happy dogs in front pulling the sled, the area for adventures really expands. And the approach is going to be really fun too!

Now we are looking forward to the next couple of months with a lot of activities and outdoor fun!

Here are some pictures from the winter season so far:

The snow has been good, but it’s time for a refill now
Great surroundings
making our signature


Ice-climbing conditions are great in Signaldalen at the moment
Dog-sledding in good but cold weather!
The light is amazing at this time of year.

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